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OOO NPP TOKAR is a developer and the only manufacturer in Russia of a highly effective multifunctional additive D-5 for concretes, mortars, dry building mixtures and cements. The D-5 additive is developed on the basis of environmentally friendly natural mineral components and modified superplasticizers (all raw materials are Russian, of high quality).

Our enterprise was established in December 1997 and then it was called Scientific and Production Enterprise "Irstroyprogress" LLC. The enterprise was founded by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Oleg Kazbekovich Bazoev, who is the author of inventions and developer of all types of products that the enterprise has produced since its foundation.

The main activities of the enterprise:

- industrial production of highly effective additives to concrete, mortars, dry building mixtures and cements;

- development of innovative additives to concrete, mortars, dry building mixtures.

From 1998 to the present, 8 Russian patents for inventions have been received, 3 know-hows have been introduced. From 1998 to 2006, the enterprise produced innovative additives for concrete "IR-1" and "EXTRA", which proved to be good among consumers.

In 2005, our company won the all-Russian competition for a state grant from the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation for the development of a new highly effective additive to concrete. Within the framework of this grant, during 2005-2006. serious research work was carried out, as a result of which two innovative additives "D-5" and "D-11" were developed, the industrial production of which began in 2006.

.to. Since we are constantly working to improve our products, in 2012 we developed an improved modification of the D-5 additive, which combines the best properties of both the originally developed D-5 and D-11 additives.

In 2012, the company was re-branded and it received a new name: LLC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" TOKAR ".

Since 2015, our company has been producing only one type of product - the innovative additive D-5. At the same time, the process of improving the properties of the D-5 additive and the development of new promising additives does not stop for a single day.

The company pays the most serious attention to product quality. It has its own testing laboratory. We have implemented a quality management system ISO-9001-2015. Strict quality control of raw materials is carried out, control over compliance with production technology and control over the quality of final products. Each batch of products is checked and allowed for sale only after the conclusion of the testing laboratory. We have ensured that the product quality remains consistently high from batch to batch.

The quality of our products corresponds to the best foreign counterparts, and surpasses them in terms of the totality of indicators.

In 2017 and 2018, we delivered the D-5 additive to South Korea (Seoul).

Oleg Kazbekovich Bazoev is the general director of the enterprise.



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